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Welcome to our website.

2012 was a very exciting year for Everything Office. We saw massive growth in all aspects of our business from £3.5m sales in 2010 to £8.5m in 2012, we are very optimistic this level of growth will continue in 2013, and we have made some very exciting plans for the future growth of the company.

Everything Office also acquired Compass a specialist educational supplies and office furniture company early in 2012 and successfully integrated the two businesses adding value to both companies existing customers with increased product portfolios and services.

2012 has also seen the ground work for a new improved website which is planned to launch in 2013, so watch this space.

As an ISO14001 accredited company we cannot stress how passionately we feel about the impact our actions can have either positively or negatively on our environment. With this in mind we will continue to promote green alternatives to all of your favourite office supplies and look for new options to add to our existing range.

Lastly let me just say thank you for a great 2012, we look forward to doing business with you all in 2013 and beyond.

Speak to you next time
Bob Taylor , Managing Director